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Improved Dynamic Range, Improved Black Levels, Expanded Color Dynamics, Improved Thermal Stability - and it was already an amazing unparalleled digital capture camera.

The Phantom Flex is the newest entry to the Phantom Digital Camera Inventory. On the surface, this camera can shoot faster, reach further into the blacks and has an ISO of 800.  Impressive numbers, however these statics’ do not truly define the impact this camera is producing within the entertainment and commercial industries.

Don’t be too anxious to pass up the Phantom Gold, just yet.  The Gold HD has been adjusted and readjusted.  A series of improvements and upgrades gives this camera beautiful control of noise levels and color depth beyond the definition of remarkable. I have never been more impressed with an upgrade or improvement, then the results I am getting from the latest upgrade to the PhantomHD Gold.  A remarkable camera to begin with, particularly impressive is the operational confidence through the steadiness of the black balance that the new thermal stability provides.  The blacks are extremely clean with a much-improved low noise level.  

This website is kind of a Starters Guide to How the Phantom Works. Click here to move to "Lesson One."

Click Here to Download Phantom FLEX Data Sheet

Click Here to Download Phantom HD Gold Data Sheet

Click Here to Download the Preliminary Manual for the Phantom HD Gold

Link to Vision Research Maximum Frame Rate & Record Time Calculator

Link to Vision Research Recommended Frame Rate and Exposure Calculator

Link to Vision Research Lens Calculator, helps you select the right lens

Link to Vision Research Depth-of-Field Calculator for Phantom Cameras


If you are just getting into the Phantom scene and need a brief review of what the phantom is and how it works, I would suggest you link to the Vision Research website.  If you are looking for a comprehensive primer of the Phantom workflow and post-production demands, this website was designed to answer questions I am frequently asked.  Please feel free to call me or email with anything that is not clear or if you need additional assistance.

 For Additional Information and Post Production of the RAW Files  Link Here or feel free to call me at 1.800.314.2544.

Monavie Promotional

Production Company:  Video Plus
Director:  Christopher Bigbie
Director of Photography:  Michael J. Ciancio

Clicks Billards Commercial

Production Company: Hotel Productions
Director/DP: Michael J. Ciancio

Enlyten Promotional

Production Company: Video Plus
Director:  Christopher Bigbie
Director of Photography:  Michael J. Ciancio

Milwaukee PSA


 Production Company:  True North Films
Director/DP: Robert Purman


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